Air Force Officers' Spouses' Club 
of Washington, DC
Making a Difference Since 1923
AFOSC Scholarships!

Mission Statement: The purpose of the AFOSC Scholarship Awards Program is to acknowledge and reward outstanding academic and personal achievements of eligible United States Air Force dependents and spouses, of any rank, by offering merit based scholarships for study at higher learning institutions. 

History of AFOSC Scholarships!

     Over the 90 years as a club, one of the primary tenants of AFOSC has been to raise funds annually for scholarships. Although the format or criteria may have changed through the years, the goals of helping students reach their educational dreams has always been the same! Here’s a look back at the long and prosperous history of the AFOSC scholarship awards: 
     In May 1966, the first year for the Protocall newsletter, an advertisement for scholarships stated that the AFOSC would be awarding 8 scholarships of $500 each, the decision would be based on both merit and need, would only award one per family, and no individual could receive the scholarship more than twice!

     In 1970, the policy became scholarships were only awarded to children of AFOSC members and only high school seniors could apply. There was also a stipulation added that the winners could not accept more than $1,000 in other scholarships.

     By 1976, the numbers had jumped to 10 scholarships of $600 and the AFOSC also awarded “honorary Scholarships” to students who received appointments to military academies.

     In 1983, a more structured approach was used, as the winners were chosen based on points and a total of $10,000 was awarded. Scholarships, ranging in amounts from $1500 to $700, to 10 high school students.

    May of 1989 saw a dramatic change, as for the first time, two awards of $600 each were given to spouses of active duty AF personnel, $5000 were given to students in Special Education programs for the Learning Disabled, and tiered awards were given to 10 high school seniors for a total of $20,000!

     1991 saw a return to just high school winners, and amounts from $1000 to $4500 were awarded to 10 graduating seniors.

     However, in 1996, the scholarship committee began awarding both high school and spouse scholarships (often other categories as well) and this policy has continued, with the exception of 2004, right up until our current year!

    We were pleased to award $30,000 to our 13 recipients in 2013, carrying on the tradition of encouraging not only military dependents, but fellow spouses as well, to achieve their educational dreams.