1950 AFOWC Officers

The Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club was formed on May 25, 1923, making it the first Air Force club of its kind. Mrs. Mason Patrick, wife of the Chief of the Air Service invited fifty “flapper” wives of young pilots into her home and they organized “The Air Service Club.”

Their Board of Governors consisted of three elected officers and three committee chairmen: membership, hospitality and entertainment.

They continued to act as a social club until 1940, when under the leadership of Mrs. “Hap” Arnold, they decided to invest more time volunteering to meet the needs of the “Air Corps Aid Society.” The club’s name was eventually changed to the Air Force Officers’ Wives’ of Club of Washington, D.C. and, in 2014, was changed again to the Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Washington, DC to better reflect our more inclusive mission.

The AFOSC’s commitment to enrich the lives of not only those in our Air Force Family, but also the lives of those from our sister services remains unchanged. It is evident in our past involvement helping establish the Air Force Village, Family Services and the Arlington Committee, and in our continued charitable endeavors today.

AFOWC Report

For all you nostalgic buffs, view a historical official publication of the Air Force Officers’ Wives’ Club of Washington DC dated November 1951.

Somehow, it seems like times have really changed and on the other hand, much has remained the same. A must read for any Air Force Officers’ spouse!

front page of AFOWC report newsletter