Members of the Arlington Committee offer
gratitude and comfort to families laying their
heroes to rest in the sacred soil of Arlington.

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For 71 years the Arlington Committee members have been attending funerals for USAF veterans at Arlington National Cemetery.

Gladys Vandenberg, the wife of the second Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Hoyt Vandenberg, witnessed airmen being buried with only a Chaplain and bugler in attendance. She vowed that “No Airman Would Be Buried Alone,” and ensured that the Air Force family would always be present when any Airman was laid to rest.

Soon she recruited her friends to help in an increasingly demanding commitment, and formed the Arlington Committee of the Air Force Officers’ Wives’ Club in November of 1948.

We cherish this proud heritage and are honored to walk in the footsteps of Gladys Vandenberg, and know that many years from now others will be carrying on this legacy.

Today that committee has about 55 members who attend an average of 75 funerals a month. They have represented the Chief, his wife, and our Air Force family at more than 28,000 funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.

We are honored to walk in the footsteps of Gladys Vandenberg, and know that many years from now others will be carrying on the legacy.

Eligibility to serve on the Arlington Committee begins as an Air Force officer spouse and membership in the Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Washington DC.

Orientation and training for new members is held when there are vacancies on the Committee. Completion of an extensive training program must be satisfactorily completed before a new member is placed on the committee.

This is a commitment of time, adaptability, patriotism, and flexibility. It commands poise, composure, and compassion.

The Arlington Committee is celebrating over seven decades of service honoring Air Force veterans. Since 1948 approximately 550 members of this Committee have served, attending over 28,000 veteran funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery.

Over the years the Arlington Committee has received recognition from the Air Force community, outside service organizations, and major news outlets and publications.  We are the recipient of the Air Force Association Lifetime Achievement Award, public service and volunteerism videos and interviews from NBC Evening News, Fox News, PBS News and AARP.

Every service we attend is an honor, every service we attend is a privilege and every service we attend recognizes the contributions of the life of every American Airman laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.