How to Pay:

 - Pay by cash or check at the next AFOSC function.  $25.00

 - Pay by check and mail to the address listed on the membership form.  $25.00

How to Sign-up:

 - Click on the button below to download the membership form​ and then send the form to the address noted on the form.



- Pay using PayPal.  Click on the PayPal button below and follow the directions.  $27.00


AFOSC Function

National Cathedral

"I really appreciate the diverse group- all services, international spouses, ages- all working towards charitable endeavors and fun!" ~ AFOSC Member

Please join us and enjoy the many benefits of being in the AFOSC! We work hard to help create opportunities for military spouses to make connections and build lasting friendships with other members.  As a member you may participate in not only our fun monthly meetings, but also take part in all of our Special Activities such as Zip Code Groups, Book Club, Explore DC, Mahjjong Group, Tea Group, Lunch Bunch, and the list goes on…

We also provide ample opportunities to give back philanthropically. We are loyal supporters of the Air Force Aid Society, the official charity of the United States Air Force. We orchestrate and help host the annual Air Force Charity Ball on their behalf. We have a thriving AFOSC Thrift Shop that raised almost $35,000 last year for both our educational scholarship program and other worthy endeavors.


Join Our Membership

Making a difference since 1923 . . .


For Active Membership:

  • Spouses of active duty, retired, or deceased officers of the Air Force
  • Spouses of Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard
  • Active duty officers in all branches of service

For Associate Membership:

  • Spouses of active duty or retired Air Force officer, NOT assigned or living in the DC Metro area
  • Spouses of active, retired or deceased officer of the Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Navy, Navy Reserve, US Marine Corps, US Marine Corps Reserve, US Coast Guard, US Coast Guard Reserve.
  • Spouses of civilian, rank GS-9 and above, employed by the USAF in the DC Metro area
  • Dependent adult relative residing with an active duty Air Force officer
  • Spouse of a foreign military officer assigned to Washington, DC


 - Click on the button below to download the membership form​ and then email the form to

- Click on the button below to fill out the online form.


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