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2019-2020 AFOSCDC Scholarship Winners

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Is this scholarship only for officers?2019-07-22T22:35:49-04:00

No, it is open to all ranks in the USAF.

Do you have to live in the DC area to apply?2019-07-22T22:35:30-04:00

You DO have to be stationed and/or live in the National Capitol Region to include Stafford County to apply for this scholarship.

My parent is in the Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard. Am I eligible to apply?2019-07-22T22:36:22-04:00

No, this scholarship is only open to US Air Force dependents.

My step parent is in the Air Force and I’ve lived with him/her for 7 years. Can I apply?2019-07-22T22:36:55-04:00

No. You must be categorized as an Air Force dependent.

My parent works as a civilian on an Air Force Base. Can I apply?2019-07-22T22:37:26-04:00

No, you are not a USAF dependent.

My parent served in the USAF for 7 years and got out. Am I eligible?2019-07-22T22:37:53-04:00

No. Your parent is a proud USAF veteran, but you are no longer considered a dependent.

If I’ve previously accepted a scholarship for another spouse club (eg: Scott OSC, McConnell OSC) can I apply and win for AFOSC?2019-08-12T18:33:33-04:00

Yes, you can if that scholarship is not for the current year.

If I’ve previously won a scholarship from AFOSC or AFOWC can I apply again in a different category?2019-08-12T18:31:45-04:00

No. Once you have accepted a scholarship form our organization, you cannot receive another.

Can I apply for several different spouse club scholarships in the same year?2019-08-12T18:30:00-04:00

Absolutely. Our rules state that you may only accept one spouses’ club scholarship. So if you are awarded a scholarship from more than one club and wish to accept ours, you will have to decline the others.

Can the check be written out to any other person/agency/landlord?2019-07-22T22:39:56-04:00

No, the check will only be written to the University.

Can I send in a print out of my college board ACT/SAT scores?2019-07-22T22:40:21-04:00

Yes, as long as your first and last name is clearly visible on your print out.

Will you let me know if my application arrives?2019-07-22T22:40:47-04:00

No. We receive well over 100 applications each year and once the deadline has passed, we are busy processing the applications for judging. If you are concerned, please consider paying for tracking.

How do you notify the applicants?2019-07-22T22:41:17-04:00

Every applicant will be notified in writing. Recipients will also be notified by email. Notifications will occur in early May.

I’m a spouse and a college student, which application do I use?2019-07-22T22:42:29-04:00

College applications are for USAF dependent children who are in college. Spouses will fill out the spouse application forms.

Do my reference letters have to be sealed?2019-07-22T22:43:25-04:00

Reference letters do not have to be sealed in an envelope. That’s up to the author of the reference letter.

We are a dual active duty family. Can my spouse apply?2019-07-22T22:44:21-04:00

No, only non military spouses may apply.

Sue Brown, General Joe Brown

Sue Brown served as the 2012-2013 President of the AFOWC. Tragically, she and her husband, Maj General Joe Brown were killed in an airplane crash on April 19, 2013.

Sue was a strong supporter of the scholarships and higher education. She served as the Scholarship Chair while stationed at Offutt AFB and was a dedicated member of the AFOWC scholarship committee during her time as president.

With the blessing of her parents and children, the AFOWC chose to honor and recognize her service and dedication to higher education through the establishment of the Sue Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund.

To make a donation to the Sue Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund please make checks payable to: AFOSC Welfare Fund with Sue Brown in the memo.

These can be mailed to:

AFOSC Welfare Treasurer
P.O. Box 1723
Ft. Myer, VA 22211

“We had an amazing pool of candidates and were very impressed by the quality of students applying.”



The purpose of the AFOSC Scholarship Awards Program is to acknowledge and reward outstanding academic and personal achievements of eligible United States Air Force dependents and spouses, of any rank, by offering merit based scholarships for study at higher learning institutions.